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force today as when the president was elected, unemployment would be 11%. >> romney says his plan creates long term jobs rather than part time work to get the unemployment under 8%, 32 days before the election. >> i will help create 12 million new jobs and rising take home pay. romney's debate performance is rising in polls inches ahead in ohio and virginia be it within the poll's margin of era. the tracking poll has the president up five points. in virginia, he met with miners blasting the president for waging war on the coal industry and the workers. >> i believe we should take advantage of it, put workers back to work, and use the resource that's abun adapt, cheap, and to be burned in a clean way. >> riding high, romney reminded a rally last night with fireworks and trace adkins that the president promised his stimulus gets unemployment lower than it is. >> he said right now, we would be at 5.4 #% unemployment. >> romney pounded biden for stating the administration's goal yesterday of a trillion dollar tax hike on those earning more than 200,000 or $250,000. >> they have been s
people out of work. melissa: republican presidential candidate mitt romney on the attack, unemployment is too high and more government just is not the answer. supporters on both sides agree romney crushed in the debate but will it add up to votes? karl rove here to break it down. >>> money tonight, gas shortage in california. prices skyrocket. stations close. will it spread across the country? we have details. >>> i'm getting serious about the saving the post office. i'm the turnaround specialist who can avoid a $11 billion default. i'm offering my services to the postmaster general. he is here in a fox business exclusive. even when they say it's not you know it is always about money. melissa: first let's take a look at the market headlines. all three major indices close in the green. all 10 sectors in the s&p finished on the plus side for a fourth straight day of gains. cisco names new number two. gary moore named president and chief operating officer. ceo john chambers says he will stay in his position between two and four more years. jobless claims rose slightly this week, climbing
of the deficit and also getting back to jobs and reducing unemployment which governor romney kept hammering on, unemployment above 8% for pushing four years now. that's a big deal. connell: jim pinkerton and dagen is right a lot of tax talk last night. thanks for coming in with us today. we appreciate it. dagen: nerds unite. we're open for business in cleveland. connell: absolutely. all day long, one of the newest businessman in that city, the new owner of the cleveland browns, he will join our own liz claman coming up next. ♪ think it's weird to collect air? you wouldn't think so if you saw what your lungs collect every time you breathe. protect your health with life-saving air quality updates from the american lung association. get our free "state of the air" app at o0 c1 you see us, at the start of the day. on the company phone list that's a few names longer. you see us bank on busier highways. on once empty fields. everyday you see all the ways all of us at us bank are helping grow our economy. lending more so companies and communities can expand, grow stronger and get back to
repeat the charge romney will raise taxes is ridiculous. i have to agree. american people are buried under a mountain of debt and buried under the longest stretch of high eight unemployment in a recovery the most anemic since world war ii for the first time ever median household income has dropped. by a bigger number and the administration itself. they are retarding the american debt to and stopping our growth. gerri: but the g.o.p. commentators have been voting on the romney campaign with advice and criticism. clinton says his comments were arrogant and stupid. do you think the advice will register to change the campaign? >> i have tried to be measured in side -- my comments by have been inside to presidential campaigns. look at my op-ed tomorrow. over the last month there have been nine the polls obama is that 50% in only 20. the average number is 47 mitt romney is 47. the media says the race is over. eight years ago at the same time thereafter 30 polls bush was at or above 50% john kerry was five points behind in "the new york times" said it is too close to call. he is at or above
unemployment rate would be around 11%. that's just in from the romney camp reacting to the friday morning jobs report showed a decline in jobless rate 7.8% with only 114,000 new jobs created. there are contradictions there and there's some mistrust of the numbers. the stock market opening in the wake of that jobs report. what are we going to see? we are expecting a flat market. down 6 or 7 points in the very, very early going and look, we're dead flat. i want to bring in nicole petallides on the floor of the exchange. because it seems to me that there is no market reaction to one of the biggest economic reports of the year. now, i'm not sure i can explain it, can you? >> i can tell you what the traders are saying. you're absolutely right. this number is a big piece of the economic news this year in 2012. we saw the futures jump and move higher and then now, come back down. why? when i just asked trading and talking with ben willis over at albert freid and company. people are in shock, trying to make heads or tails of this report, stuart. this is unbelievable to see this kind of move, a surpris
that worked under clinton will work when we had over 8% unemployment for 43 months straight. that is where romney showed his strength. stuart: let me draw your attention to the stock market. in the last couple minutes we have seen the dow go straight up. we are now up 96 points getting close to 13-6 on the dow industrials. top of the hour we got the 5% drop in factory orders. that suggests a weakening economy. we got a 3.36% rate on 30 year fixed rate mortgages at an all-time low. maybe that suggests a lot of money printing by the fed and a weak economy. i don't have another explanation why the dow is up 95 except that. lousy factory orders means ben bernanke will print bigger. >> no bad news out of europe. everyone is focused on europe and not what is going on in the economy domestically. a lot of schizophrenic information. great manufacturing numbers early in the weekend bad numbers today. can't make sense of that. stuart: i won't say it was a romney rally. >> if you did i would back you up. stuart: wait a second. let's be serious. we are five weeks from the election. we have had one deb
of more than 40 straight months with unemployment more than 8%. governor romney farther south in virginia this morning says this still does not constitute a recovery, promising he is the only candidate who can bring one. >> if the same share of people participating in the workforce today as the day president got elected, our unemployment rate would be 11%. that is real reality what is happening out there. >> only one more employment report before election day. back to you. ashley: all right. rich edson, getting into the numbers there. thank you, rich. tracy: yeah we'll dig deeper into these numbers now. jerry webman chief economist with oppenheimer fund is with us now. it is very confusing because there are so many conflicting numbers. so what's your take out of these? >> this is going to keep statisticians and economists just so happy for hours and hours. so we're all having a good time on one hand. on the other hand, for those of us who just want to have the big picture. it is a pretty good jobs story. it says the economy is continuing to general right some jobs, some growth. it is not
. romney is actually sending a message to business owners that he's looking at reducing those burdens to hiring, and that's what we need. i mean, we've got higher unemployment than when obama took office, and we have a really low workforce participation rate. that's really troubling. because those people are just deciding not to work. that's where you're going to get a higher and higher cost of entitlements in this country. >> mike, the main problem for most of us, lucky enough to have jobs, the money in our pocket is less than it was, and it's worth less too. >> right. the value of the dollar is falling considerably under president obama because of all the money printing he's done. >> the money printing that ben bernanke has done. >> supporting the treasury and borrowing by obama. what romney understands, david, and president obama is clueless about, there's a big difference between tax credits and tax rates. cutting tax rates gives you incentive to invest in plant and equipment which then allows you to hire people, because you're going to get to keep an extra amount of money on each
to see how he puts or how he reacts to this jobs report going forward in the campaign. mitt romney has a campaign event in a few minutes. dagen: reaction in the stock market has been measured. we have surprising drop in the unemployment rate but job creation came in almost on the nose in terms of expectation with 114,000 jobs. and zynga doing the face plant. nicole: that is a lead story on wall street. we are seeing it selling off dramatically. don't forget zynga got a lot of revenue losing paying customers and had to cut their outlook again. they're down 18% and facebook at 2133. certainly nowhere near the $38 ipo price in may. social media companies and games under pressure. i want to look at the broader market average worth noting that the dow adjusting 61 points it is an up arrow again bringing the dow to a new high we have not seen since december of 2007. that being said we are seeing a financials doing well and j. p. morgan among leaders on the dow jones industrials and caterpillar and cisco. and many names many of our viewers own that are hitting 52 week highs and that feels goo
's. iraq in 90 seconds with a man who says mitt romney is the underdog. stuart: 2400 people who collected unemployment in 2009 lived in households making more than a million dollars a year in income. the unemployment may have been paid to spouses or dependents of the millionaires, eliminating these payments to high earners would save only a small model money each year. senator tom coburn says it is just one example of out of control government spending. many people like to refer the underdog in sports, but what about politics. is this of romney that we will see tonight? >> you phrase that before. while i was fighting to save the olympics you're fighting to save the bridge to nowhere. the idea that i'm anti-immigrant as ripples of. >> and not in the bedding business. >> in not only endorsed me, this is the guy who is really conservative. i get 60 seconds. and you get 302nd to respond. stuart: that was met on the attack. ed klein, author of the book the amateur. that will be president obama. with us today. good to see. stuart: put aside the angry mitt romney, the attacking mitt ro
" today. romney forced to play defense. number two, mitt romney versus mitt romney, oh, and president obama will be there, too. remember, please the economy is at stall speed. unemployment 8%, and foreign policy in the middle east unravelling, little mention in the mainstream media. listen from the obama campaign team in advance of debate campaign spokeswoman, quote, what the american people are looking for is not just a professorial list of facts or accomplishments or even goals. obama has a tendency to give long substantive answers. simply, she is saying the president too smart for the average american. here is the washington examiner's reaction to that quote. worry about obama being too professor professorial to couch-sitting beer drinkers. the polls have him ahead and bill o'reilly is here to talk about the debate and how the media will spin it. all the names at the top of the hour. bill o'reilly. and talking to college student at university of michigan as part of the job creations solutions tour, and responded to the heckler. listen to this. >> this is the-- [crowd boos] . >> usa
romney so quick to jump on this, the vice president saying we have a class. for the past four years. buried with debt, high unemployment, falling income, you name it. what is it with joe biden, should he just keep his mouth shut? >> i want joe biden to keep talking. he accidentally goes into this truth telling, and i think it is great because we can rely on joe biden. under the heel of the obama economy for four years. we are suffering, joe biden knows this and he forgot to not say it. i don't know if all the main street media will report it but we should not slam romney for jumping on it, that is what the vicvice president said. as the one that is what you call a ready-made gift. >> obviously people are soft. up and down the economy. the question really is joe biden to normal folks, who do you trust going forward and who is going to get you out of this? you may make fun of him but he comes out as a fighter. ashley: maybe stick to take other people's speeches, referencing when he plagiarized the uk labor leader speech back in '87. >> i remember that, actually. a problem with him now
claims out this morning. and some say it was a romney it romped. that is the latest from the fox business network giving you the power to prosper. dave: ohio ranks fourth in job creation with a lower unemployment rate than the national average. liz claman got a chance to sit down with a man making it happen. >> he gives credit to a lot of the mayor's both republican and democrat and this is governor john kasic of ohio. he has been a congressman in the state and always dedicated most of his life to public service but how can you deny those numbers? they look good and the unemployment rate was around 10%. is now 7.27%. they are waiting on the latest numbers but august look good. the question becomes what we asked governor john kasic, how are you making it happen? this is what he said. you talk about job creation and a significant turnaround. how did you do it? if we had other governors watching and washington watching what was the number one thing you tackled? >> we were $8 billion in the hole. largest deficit in the history of our state and we built this rainy day fund and told regulators
to recession. we have bad unemployment numbers. people are dropping out of the workforce. guess what? all we're talking about is mitt romney and bain capital all this nonsense. they believe that some of that, and you know, just so much you can blame on liberal bias. they believe some of that problem with not getting message out is romney's fault. that he is not out there. he is not pushing the agenda in terms of the weak economy and foreign policy as well that is another thing. tracy: if they support, and get as you republican congress, right, if we have a democratic president and republican congress you still have stalemate. >> but you still have, it is better than before. then if he wants to do anything in the second term then president obama has to, remember last week, journal came back and followed me today, last week reported about potential treasury secretaries. jack lew at the top of the list i said. erskin bowles is number two. larry fink may be a third. i think if the republicans take senate and house, if you want to get anything done with the budget i don't think you bring in there
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)